#SupportLocal – Blissbox Asia

  #SupportLocal 💖 The wise would always say, the best present for everyone is a lasting memory of an invaluable experience. 😊 And today, Blissbox Asia allows us to live these wise words – by providing curated premium experiences that are uber-affordable! Give the gift of sincerity and eternity, with a lasting memory! 😍 In

#SupportLocal – Oh Surely~

#SupportLocal It’s surely the little things that brighten anybody’s lives. Be that somebody to show that every little thoughtfulness goes a long, lovely way.  Pop by Oh Surely, a delightful concept store sharing the love of earrings and empowering humans through the expression of love!  #Fashionista #FashionDiaries #Designer #Earrings #WomensFashion #Accessories

#SupportLocal – Customisation at Pleatation!

  #SupportLocal  In August, it’s time to give in to your inner designer at Pleatation! Customise your tote and clutch to gift yourself a truly unique accessory – it’s your sartorial signature!  Available at The Compleat Store, @RafflesCitySG, #03-33.  #Designer #fashion #style #love #customization #lifestyle #iamcompleat  

#SupportLocal – Coco Takumi

#SupportLocal  Coco Takumi is a multi-label shop that allows you to pay exactly for what you get. Every single piece of clothing article is exquisitely curated from various independent #designers such as Aijek and Dominique Saint Paul to ensure a perfect blend of quality and affordability.  Also, their blog (https://cocotakumi.com/…/founders-tale-allow-us-to-introduc…) utterly rocks socks! PSA: Check out the

PR Tips: hi, it’s No. 28.

A Press Page is often overlooked and forgotten during the design of a company’s site. Don’t – it is ridiculously powerful. 😍   If you don’t have it already, get one now! You will be surprised at the results. 😉   #PRTips #Entrepreneur #Strategy #Branding #PublicRelations

#SupportLocal – alchemist

#SupportLocal 💖 Honest and functional garments, staying true to clean design fundamentals and at the same time, exuding sophistication. Truly, designs like these are what a man’s sartorial wet-dreams are made of. 😉 @ProjectAlchemist, a menswear label by Amirul Nazree, 26, and Nick Sim, 20, has just launched their capsule