TESTIMONIAL It has been a great pleasure to have interned at WhiteLabel PR. I got the first-hand experience in handling clients, hosting media sessions, writing press releases and pitching into the ideation process of providing strategic solutions to our clients. I must say this internship journey has been invigorating. Every day at work is different, every client is different, you really learn to learn to adapt quickly, work and communicate effectively with all the stakeholders. Not forgetting, that it has been a great honour to work alongside great bosses who never fail to be there in every step of the way to guide me, trust me and believe in me. To me, this has been an invaluable internship journey and 6 months well spent. I would encourage any aspiring communicators to join WhiteLabel PR as they have a nurturing environment with a large customer base with more than enough opportunities for you to grow and learn.


Prior to stepping into WhiteLabel PR as an intern, I have honestly no idea how it is like/ how things work in the PR industry. All I thought is that PR is in charge of crisis comms management. But WhiteLabel PR and the team has really opened my eyes to a ~whole new world. I actually learnt a lot from this internship. It has to do mainly with liasing with the media and brand representation. Things that has to do with a brand and the media...the PR industry is behind it. From product placement, Instagram posts, interviews with people.... I have learnt about the crux of writing press releases, media features, events, campaigns, and many things that goes behind the scene during my stint in WhiteLabelPR. I have also tuned myself to working in a fast-paced, intensive working environment. The importance of adhering to deadlines, working in a team, and transparency of communication. And also being highly adaptable to changes. It is a quick work environment, but a really fruitful one. I've felt really well-travelled during my past 3 or 4 months than the other years I've been in school. Though sometimes, work overloads and you'll hardly have a break, but conversely, there are off-peak times and you can get a good breather. It's great exposure, you learn a lot, and you get an accurate gauge of what it is like being in the pr industry. WhiteLabelPR has a really, really cosy and friendly environment...you won't know how it looks like till you see it for yourself. The team has constantly provided me careful guidance, and pushed me to challenge myself further. All these learning experiences were not gotten from merely signing the contract and working right after, but with the constant guidance that the WhiteLabel PR team has provided. Thanks for all the great memories ☺