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Having spent our formative years working with new-to-market brands, we have established an unrelenting drive to get even the most obscure stories told.


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We are an award-winning team of multipotentialites. Working with your team across industries driving both corporate and consumer communications, we specialise in identifying multi-faceted narratives to share across multiple channels and address your varied target audiences.


CEO | Lead Comms

The kind of person whom you think of to call first during an emergency.

Also, she really loves coffee too much.


Deputy Director

You can call her the human can-opener, because she can find the heart of anyone's story.

Sue Lyanna


Asst Manager

She’s a passionate cat whisperer, a professional snack eater, and an unbelievably convincing mushroom hater.

If she were an animal, Sue would probably be a kancheong spider with an elephant’s demeanour (her words, not ours).


Senior Communicator

Though she is little, Alecia is fierce when it comes to loving her fur children, sharing the goodness of SPF and defending her decade long obsession with KPop.



Unbeknownst to many, she's a dessert-making ninja who also is known for practising the mystical calm arts of journaling.

And with the guitar as her choice of weapon, we think her super power is tranquility.

Zhi Qing


We never knew (until now), but ZhiQing is a connoisseur of carnivals. Seek her if you want to ace your game at Bumper Cars, Bottle Toss Rings or Ball the Clown - she has it down to an art.



Meet Siobhan, a girl driven by insatiable curiosity, unraveling mysteries in the world of criminal psychology. Her love for exploring real-life cases in investigative documentaries mirrors her genuine interest in understanding human behavior.

Want to cut through the noise with our multi-channel communication strategies that are built upon a vast network of solid relationships in the industry?


Here's what our clients and media have to say about us.
Hieu Pham Tran

Hieu Pham Tran

Marketing & Communications Lead

Working with the WhiteLabel PR Team was a great pleasure as they were proactive and hardworking in sourcing a variety of ways they can pitch stories about Decathlon and our Orchard Opening.

It is the first time we’ve hired a PR agency for our project and the WhiteLabel PR team has definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of the smooth media launch planning and execution, and total coverage garnered.

We would like to thank Freda especially for her enthusiasm and reactivity in leading the team to work with us at Decathlon Singapore!

Francesca Way

Francesca Way

Co-Founder | CMO

Working with WhiteLabel PR has been very refreshing, with a hardworking and proactive vigour to telling your stories.

We were their first nightlife F&B client and they jumped at the opportunity to represent us and present interesting and exciting new angles to explore.
In terms of story pitching, they are one of the agencies that have impressed me the most - making an effort to get meaty, insightful coverage of your brand. Paired with their can-do, prompt work ethic, they also take our feedback into consideration to deliver a great campaign. We have also done KOL outreach with them which has been extremely effective.

We have seen significant results at the hands of WhiteLabel PR and they are truly one of the more driven PR agencies I’ve had the opportunity to work with!

Emily Tan

Emily Tan

Founder | Creative Lead

In 2018, I launched my first independent brand, and I needed a PR firm that could understand the creative field of bespoke fine jewellery, and help me to take my visions for the business into the media world.

They have a great team, and I’ve been very pleased to have been featured in top luxury publications locally such as Solitaire and Tatler, and also gained exposure in internationally acclaimed magazines focused in the design space such as Wallpaper*.

Alan Lai

Alan Lai

CEO, Teapasar | Singapore Tea Festival

Sincerely - words cannot describe how grateful we are to your team. We are impressed by your team's professionalism, dedication, resourcefulness and the relentless drive to help tiny start-ups like us have a little voice in the ocean of noises. We are also impressed by your smiles, your cheerfulness and composure during the entire period working with us.

There is a lot I am learning from your team and there is definitely a lot more work for the teapasar team to work on, and we certainly hope to collaborate with WhiteLabel again.

Carolyn Tay

Carolyn Tay

Head, Community Integration & Development

Of note too of course, is Freda, her worthy side-kick Vivianne and their tenacious team at WhiteLabel PR with their pitbull-like instincts. Thankfully for us, once they sank their teeth into the worthy cause that I’mable is, they just refused to let go.

The participating vendors were truly delighted with the crowd and of course, their ringing tills. More importantly, the smiles and happy faces of the PWDs and their families is priceless beyond words.

Emily Png

Emily Png


We are so thankful for the WhiteLabel team for their enthusiasm and relentless efforts to drive awareness for our largest project yet - 22 Stories. It was truly comforting knowing that the WhiteLabel team was always reliably there for us.

It was heartening to see so many happy visitors across the entire production period and the satisfaction on the faces of our performers! Thank you WhiteLabel PR, from all of us!

Cynthia Lim

Cynthia Lim

i'mable Gift Market

Thank you for these, and for all the hard work and effort put into i’mable Gift Market. Many participants have expressed their gratitude. This event would not have been possible without the support of partners like you, and the success of this inaugural event is a testament to your contributions and efforts.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks and we hope to have your continued support in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities.

Thank you.

Reta Lee

Reta Lee


I’ve been working closely with Freda for over two years now, and she displays professionalism and respect with her interactions with members of the media and her client. At her Whitelabel PR, she has a small team of PR execs who are mindful, and knowledgeable. Freda herself, has been employed by Mercury PR agency to help manage the workload. Not only that, she goes all out to help me get leads with celebrities or personalities for my stories. To me, that only shows dedication for her work.

Jolene Khor

Jolene Khor

Fashion & Beauty Editor

I’ve seen many a PR executive in my seven years as a member of media in Singapore, and few measure up to Freda’s level of sincerity, professionalism, and work ethic. Working with her is a breeze — she knows everything an editor needs for a good story, she pitches me ideas I can pursue, and is adept at pushing for more press coverage without being pushy. I hope to continue working with Freda as long as I remain in the industry.

Shaun Tupaz

Shaun Tupaz

Influencer, Radio Personality

Working with WhiteLabel PR has been nothing short of amazing. They put the Personal in public relations. Bringing in the human factor to each project and with their clients. I know I have been totally impacted working with them and it's been such a joy. I always look forward to project together with them and when you're on the job with them I never feels like work. Professional and practical. They are my go-to PR team.

Fauzi Aziz

Fauzi Aziz

Marketing Lead

I have worked on varying lifestyle projects with Freda and the rest of the WhiteLabel PR team for close to 3 years now, ranging from projects with TheSmartLocal as well as in my own capacity as a KOL.

It's always a pleasure working with them because they have a keen understanding of what their clients want and can effectively communicate that to the content creators they engage with their briefs. At the same time, they understand what works as content for digital media from the content creators' perspective and can communicate that to the clients as well. In my line of work, it is rare to have a team so committed to being the communication bridge between the two so working with them has always been easy and something I always look forward to.

Having met so many from their team (with some even taking time off from their own lives to support my own personal endeavours!), I strongly believe that each and everyone of them share this common vision of effective communication. Always going out of the way to make things happen, I can't recommend working with them enough.

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