Beautiful, authentic, and socially impactful – that’s Matter for you.

When we first experienced (yes, it’s an experience ) MATTER, we were floored not just by the exquisite quality of its products, but by its founders’ generosity and friendliness as well.

They fully embrace and practise MATTER’s philosophy of provenance – to ask of the where and why something is made, and champion alternative production models for textile artisans to expand their economic opportunities.

MATTER is a socially-motivated business focusing on affordable luxury, thoughtful design and provenance to create travel wear with stories to tell. Its mission is threefold – to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire consumers to value provenance and process, and pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities.

Truly, the work the MATTER team does is amazing and inspiring. Find out about MATTER athttps://matterprints.com/



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