It takes a keen eye to spot quality, and a keener mind to appreciate the appeal of its subtlety.

Well-crafted leather products that are designed and priced just right for us, the Omitir design reflects a timeless raw beauty that stands in defiance of manufactured perfection.

Omitir Concepts is established four years ago by Darren Loke and Bryan Teo. With two sold-out collections at launch, it’s exceedingly clear that Darren and Bryan understand what we want, and need:

1. Every product is handmade.
2. Omitir’s bags are unisexual.
3. Omitir’s products come in different shapes and sizes.
4. The details are meticulously handmade, and outstanding.

Understand Omitir Concepts better at www.femalemag.com.sg/fash…/leather-bags-singapore-designer/…, and look out for their crafts at www.omitirconcepts.com.

Credits: Omitir, Female Singapore



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