#SupportLocal 💖

Know who’s in town to turn your #lifestyle around? ActivPass!

Local startup @GetActivPass is pulling no punches in pampering us urban dwellers with its services! 🙌 It offers everything to help us live the way we would like to live despite our hectic schedules. 💪

  • Using ActivPass is hassle-free. It automates everything from deal alerts, registration and attendance to package management!
  • There are absolutely NO membership fees. 😍
  • You want to stretch your dollar? Sure! ActivPass is very friendly to our wallets! You can expect discounts from 50%-90% with the Last-Minute feature!
  • It even comes with a Reward system – earn ActivPass Points to redeem even more fantastic deals!
  • You want variety? Not a problem – ActivPass lets you sample all sorts of activities, classes and services, from trampoline, #dancing and indoor #cycling classes, to #salon and #spa services and chiropractic therapy!
  • Want your BFFs to join you? You can with its Peer-to-Peer sharing feature! You can even crowdfund gifts for them among your friends! 😍

All of those, from within ActivPass – the revolutionary mobile passport to the best life you will ever live. 😉



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