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The world of fashion keeps going not by just glitzy celebrities and unicorn 🦄 sparkle. Stylists play an incredibly huge role as well! 😍
In our weekly #SupportLocal series, we will be featuring stylists we’re grateful to have worked with. This week, we speak with Annie Chua, Mediacorp #stylist, about her inspirations and a gig that left an indelible impression on her.
Everything inspires me. For me, there are no limitations. From fashion to a piece of jewelry to an unique architectural design. I love to collaborate with young emerging designers, talking to them and and sharing our insights makes everything more electrifying to me. #Travelling also inspires me – new places, people-watching and visiting museums are some of the things that I always look forward to for inspiration.
I remembered some years back while I was working on Channel U’s Superband, HK rock-band BEYOND was the special guest performer on the show. One of the members was asking who the stylist was and asked if I would be keen to style them for their upcoimng concert in Singapore. I was so thrilled! The styling job had to be done within three days. They were the most humble and nicest celebrities that I have ever worked with. Their professionalism totally impressed me. We had a 15-mins discussion and they entrusted me with everything.
(Annie, Mediacorp stylist)


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