A tale of a miraculous second chance – JASONYOLT‘s story is at once both heart-rending and inspiring.

Horrendously injured after a reckless accident during his one-person trek through a foreign country, Jason was left for dead until a series of miraculous interventions led to his location and ultimate rescue.

Now, Jason, the Youth Ambassador of SCAPE, is changing lives with his second chance in life and his principle, YOLT – You Only Live Twice.

JASONYOLT is a Self-Renewal Author and Speaker whom through the lessons of his journey from life, to “death” and back from a motorcycle chase, collision and explosion; founded YOLT, or You Only Live Twice. He now lives to inspire and empower people with a new perspective, to think about how we can live well and in fulfilment, so that one day, we can all truly take our last breath with no regrets.

On that note, he has published his first book, “If You Only Live Twice”, and has served a number of distinguished organisations, schools and corporations; including AIA, Changi General Hospital, AXA, Hai Sing Catholic Secondary School and more. His story has been featured on Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, The New Paper, and the Lianhe Zaobao. He is also a founder of the YOLT Movement, an initiative to inspire youth to realise meaning and value in themselves by volunteering, so they may, as the very definition of YOLT goes; Seize the Day Beyond Us.

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