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The world of fashion keeps going not by just glitzy celebrities and unicorn   sparkle. Stylists play an incredibly huge role as well!
In our weekly #SupportLocal series, we will be featuring stylists we’re grateful to have worked with. This week, we speak with Karin Tan, independent freelancer, about his first foray into styling and his most memorable gig.

I’ve always been very keen in fashion since my poly days, and I’m constantly flipping magazine after magazine to look at their fashions spreads. I’ve always thought about how good the whole editorial spread looked in the magazines. I often think about how great it would be if I were given a chance to style my own spread. Mind you, back then, there wasn’t any decent social media platform,  and #OOTDs were virtually unheard of (at least for me).

Being a stylist, every job is memorable as it’s a different job Every. Single. Time. That said, if I really have to list one, I guess it would be my first time styling a celebrity for an event. It was so different from styling for an editorial, since celebs are not models. I remembered that finding clothes that could fit my celebrity’s style and individual preferences, and were still suitable for the occasion, proved rather challenging at first. This took a lot of back-and-forth discussions with the celebs, their managers and even the brands.
(Karin, independent)



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