Confession time now – Remember the Keepers X Straits Clan event, Keepers x Straits Clan presents Multiply. A Majestic Playground just last weekend? LING WU Bags was there too with her curated collection of awesomeness.

And the moment we stepped into LING WU’s store, our team member zoomed in on a precious new Baby Blue iteration of Iggy Mini. Mere minutes later, a fantastically-crafted Baby Blue Iggy Mini hangs lovingly on her arms.

Her review of the bag? #BestBuyEver.

LING WU is a Singapore brand which creates luxurious handbags for modern, independent women. The purposeful collections of handbags and accessories use butter-soft leathers and hand-polished exotic skins to create soft, voluminous bags that embrace the wearer’s body and lifestyle with voluptuous shapes and colours. Time certainly has no grasp on these designs, which become increasingly beautiful and graceful the more they’re worn.

Check out LING WU at https://lingwu.sg.



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