#PeopleOfFashion #SupportLocal <3
The world of fashion keeps going not by just glitzy celebrities and unicorn 🦄 sparkle. Stylists play an incredibly huge role as well! 😍 In our weekly #SupportLocal series, we will be featuring stylists we’re grateful to have worked with. This week, we speak with Verna Tan, independent freelancer, about her muses.
“Fashion inspires me. When I see beautiful collections from various brands, from clothes to shoes to accessories, I get butterflies in my tummy. As a stylist, I believe wholeheartedly in being passionate for fashion, and it’s why I never find working as a stylist boring even after so many years.
Travelling is my inspiration too. I travel pretty often to nearby countries like Japan, South Korea and Bangkok and I love to indulge in people-watching. I love to see how the locals dress and how their cultures influence their sense of aesthetics. The local designers and brands are wonderful and I always get my buzz from how creative they are! I have a soft spot for window displays too! I love observing the shops’ visual merchandising, especially in those countries I travelled to because they reminded me of my design school days.”
(Verna Tan, independent)


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