VINCiTORE | WhiteLabel PR

VINCiTORE | WhiteLabel PR

#SupportLocal 💖
Everyone needs a pair of good and sturdy shoes – how else do we embark on our ✨ awesome ✨ adventures in 2017?? :*
A stroke of brilliant luck for us here then, because which guy can resist this heavenly mix of quality, style and price?  Designed in Singapore for comfort and the climate, and painstakingly hand-crafted by artisans in Italy, VINCiTORE 👢 shoes 👢 are quite the cut above the rest! 
VINCiTORE Shoes‘s comprehensive range of hand-crafted shoes include choices for every occasion – therefore its motto “Fine – Formal – Funky”.
VINCiTORE Shoes ( is a boutique that emphasises on thoughtfulness in design. Each pair of shoes begins as an inspired idea – a re-imagined, contemporary iteration of classic men’s shoe design that is conceived right here in Singapore. 
Look for your pair of VINCiTOREs at Millenia Walk today!


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